The ContiComfortKit Mobility when a tire fails

Substitute for run-flat tires

The ContiComfortKit is a system designed to ensure mobility in the face of tire failure. It can be used with all proprietary car tires. It is considerably faster and easier to use than conventional systems.

The Kit is available from the specialist tire trade or in our shop. The ContiComfortKit quickly resolves the problem of tire failure.

The set, which is a compressor and a tire sealant kit, weighs just two and a half kilos (approx. 5lbs). It is just a small box the size of an A4 sheet and just under 10cm high. This box containing a compressor and tire sealant. To repair the defective tire in order to reach the nearest workshop, the box does not even need to be opened. Just connect the hose to the tire valve, plug the power cable into the cigarette lighter socket and fill the tire with sealant and air.

An illuminated gauge means the tire pressure can be set correctly, even in the dark. The ContiComfortKit is considerably quicker and easier to use than conventional systems. Once the tire has been filled with the air/sealant mixture, the motorist can continue his journey at a maximum speed of 80 km/h (50 mph) for 200 kilometers (125 miles). Therefore only exposed to the breakdown situation for the shortest time possible.

The ContiComfortKit is ideal to repair all types of puncture, especially from nails and punctures from other smaller sharp objects.

The handy ContiComfortKit is manufactured by The Continental Group. They are the leading supplier of tires, braking systems, and suspension components.

Having the Continental ContiComfortKit is essential. In an emergency to repair a puncture at the side of a road just going to take a few minutes. Of course it comes with a simple instructions.

Please drive safely and be car care aware for your ultimate safety. If you have any questions give us a call 905.795.0419 for for the latest information.


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