Wiesmann is a BMW powered sport car

Wiesmann GT

Built by the manufacturer in Germany, just outside of the city, named Dortmund. The factory looks like any other German car plant, but they work with hand power only. There are no robots. Cars are pushed by hand between various work stations and departments. Wiesmann does not sell cars in North America. Buyers are invited to visit the factory to specify their car and watch it being built.

The factory floor also provides a fascinating chance to compare part built Roadsters and GTs with each other. The new car is a far more advanced piece of engineering, the result of a five year development program that's cost the company a very considerable amount of money.

They build mainly roadsters and GT. The roadster rides on a galvanized steel chassis and shares its front strut suspension with the BMW M3.

The GT is based around a state of the art epoxy, bonded aluminium with unique front double wishbone castings. Fiberglas  bodywork in three basic sub-assemblies, front, roof and rear clamshell. They finish it with a very impressively high quality paint.

The roadster use the BMW's 4.5 litre V8 engine. It pushing the the sleek machine to 100 Km/h from standing in 4 seconds.

The GT uses the same all-alloy, 5 litre V10 as the BMW M5 and M6.

The price starts around in the neighbourhood of 200 000 Euros and can go to the 1 million area.


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