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When selecting a garage or an import car repair facility to repair your European Import car, there are many factors that need to taken into consideration. Unfortunately, a lot of the time, this selection tends to be a wrong one and the inappropriate company or mechanic is chosen to fix, repair your car.

What we do at Techmax?

We address all of your questions and concerns in person, so you can have a clear idea what needs to be done to rectify and address the problem. Our one on one consultation gives you access to get in touch with your car's technician instead of the usual counter person as most places.

Our team effort is unparalleled in their passion for excellence, precision and dedication to provide the ultimate performance and the best maintenance for your fine automobile.

How may we help?

What Our Customers Say About Us

November 7. 2019.

Hi Attila,

Just wanted to take a moment & Thank Tony & you along with your team in providing my wife & I with excellent, honest & trustworthy service. We are blessed to have found you & knowing you will not take us for a ride. We will continue service tell all our friends & neighbour's about you.

Thank you all!

Name withheld for privacy


November 6. 2019.


I just wanted to say thanks! You guys always do such an amazing job. I really appreciate you taking me in at the last minute and fixing my baby. It's always painful to get to your place but it is always worth it because you guys are so good at what you do. Love you guys so much. Keep up the amazing work.

Name withheld for privacy


February 3. 2019.

Dear Attila,

I must say that this is a little awkward writing to you as I do not normally do this.

In the past, whenever I took my cars to a mechanic or the dealer I could never help but get that feeling of being had. I can honestly say that ever since I have been bringing my cars to Techmax, which has been for the past 10 years, I always left the shop knowing that my car was serviced professionally and at a fair price. You and your mechanics take the time to explain what is wrong in plain English, show me where the problem is and why the part needs to be adjusted to fixed. I find this to be a rare today.

This morning, I brought my car in for you to check why I smelled fuel in the cabin. Despite not having an appointment, you cheerfully greeted me as you normally do popped the hood and within a couple of minutes diagnosed the problem. What I truly appreciate most though is your advice to me. "Take it to the Mercedes dealer for service immediately. It is still under warranty and there is no reason why you should pay me to fix something which will be covered by Mercedes." Moreover, you even called your contact at the Mercedes Service to take my car the next day because I only had very little time before the warranty expired.

This is why I come to Techmax. When I leave the car with you, all those anxieties I used to get in the past never came back. Thank you again for your straight talk and advise on all of my cars. See you for my Service B in 2 months.

Name Withheld for Privacy

Panalpina Inc. Sr. Vice President,
Country Head of Ocean Freight, Canada
6350 Cantay Road, Mississauga, Ontario L5R 4E2


October 12. 2017

If you want a place that takes care of your car AND stands behind their work, this is the place to go.

Back in July 2017 I was visiting family around the Brampton area. While there the starter motor went out on my 2007 BMW X3. I searched and found Techmax online, called them and they could take my car that day. So they replaced the starter for me, and the price was fair so I was happy.

The next day I was headed back home, stopped 2 hours away for lunch, and the car would not start again. I called Attila and let him know I was stranded. He immediately said he would take care of this, gave me the name of 2 local Bosch affiliated service centers (the brand of the starter) and he would call his Bosch representative. Once I gave him the name of the place I would use, he made all the arrangements with that service center to get my car in, and with Bosch to send a replacement starter motor there.

My car was towed, the starter was replaced, and my only cost was the time. Attila called me at least 5 times that afternoon to let me know what was arranged, and to make sure everything was OK with my wife and I, and with the car.

I absolutely recommend Attila and Techmax, they ABSOLUTELY take care of you and your car!

Name withheld for privacy


July 06. 2017

You got my Mini running in top form again where as the Mini Dealer couldn't seem to diagnose. Big thanks to excellent work and service from everyone there.

You guys care and really know what you're doing.

Thanks again, Gary K.


July 01. 2017

I Googled randomly and found Techmax. I called and to my surprise I actually got two quick appointments for my two older BMW's, M3 and M Coupe.

As soon as I walked into their front door I was greeted with open arms and respect. You can smell the pride, accomplishment and success simply by speaking with their employees.

They most certainly do understand the meaning of Service and they do "GET IT"... Well done, very satisfied from start to finish and you now have another customer for many years to come.

Totally recommend...

Vince P. Retired former business owner and founder of a USA / Canada Wireless Enterprise Company.


January 23. 2014

Hi Attila,

I am writing you this email to express my appreciation for your professionalism and knowledge regarding the repair and maintenance of German luxury cars.

My wife and I are really happy that there are mechanics and businesses such as TechMax that provide honest assessments and reasonable repair costs versus dealerships and other alternatives. I know you are well known in the many automotive social circles and certainly your reputation speaks for itself in the many satisfied customers you have helped over the years.

We will be seeing you for the next service interval of our Mercedes and we wish you the very best and even greater success for 2014!!

Name withheld for privacy
Enterprise Architect, ISTS Region of Peel


June 21, 2013

From: Name withheld for privacy
Enterprise Sales Director-Canada at Nuance Communications

Attila, you and Tony and your team are outstanding. I can't thank you enough for the continued great customer service that you and the team extend...always!

I appreciate it very, very much Attila!!! You are successful because you take the time to understand your customers and their issues...

Thank you again!!!


February 16. 2012

I have been a customer of Techmax since the year 2003 and I have to say, I am so happy with the quality of the service over so many years that I could not trust (and have not trusted) my cars to another mechanic, even to the dealerships (with the exception of warranty issues).

Speaking of my cars, they have always been BMW's (mostly used), ranging from more reliable 3 series to not so reliable 7 series models. I have proudly referred many friends and family members, most of whom drive BMW's or other German cars, to Techmax and they have all been very satisfied.

I would like to mention a few recent examples.

Techmax recently saved a close friend of mine from a scam a body shop was trying to pull on him. Instead of an alleged SMG transmission failure, it turned out to be a simple battery issue after Techmax diagnosed the issue.

In another example involving my current BMW 335i Coupe, which is still under warranty, Techmax was able to positively influence one of the BMW dealerships and help me get an ongoing, intermittent exhaust rattle issue resolved - a warranty repair that BMW was very reluctant to undertake due to the intermittent nature of the issue, before Techmax got involved.

I was extremely pleased with Techmax's assistance with getting this very annoying issue resolved, even though it was not them who performed the repair; it was fixed/covered by BMW warranty.

I can provide many examples of quality repair service Techmax has performed on my cars over so many years, but I do not think that is necessary. I am a proud customer of Techmax and my cars all have the Techmax license plate covers, which were installed a long time ago with my consent. In fact, I recently got into a small accident and broke the front license cover.

Before visiting a body shop to repair the damage, I visited Techmax to obtain a new license plate cover, which was subsequently installed by the body shop after repairing the damage on the front bumper of my car.

It is the high quality of the service as well as the professionalism and the honesty of the owner and the staff at Techmax that makes me a loyal customer.

I would very much recommend Techmax to anyone seeking quality service, repair of their car!!!

David Z.


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