Dual Clutch Transmissions

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ZF Dual Clutch Transmission 

We would like to help you to make an informed decision and provide you with technical information about today's modern dual clutch automobile's transmissions.

The question remains: Why not just stick with modern automatic transmissions?

Well there are many positives about the DCT (dual clutch transmissions), they're like traditional manual transmissions except there is two of them fused together. They are optimized for quicker shifts at superior fuel economy compared to either to traditional automatics or manual shifting transmissions.

The first DCT's were build more than thirty years ago but electronics were an issue in the early prototypes which had to be overcome to make it reliable and predictable.

Dual clutch transmissions are lighter and more frugal than traditional automatics. Since there is no slip between engine and transmission (unlike traditional automatics) there is a 12-20 percent gain in fuel economy.

The dual clutch transmission gear changes are lightning fast has more gears (seven). The results are better acceleration and improved fuel consumption over the traditional standard six speed manual transmissions as well. Dual clutch transmission combines the comfort of an automatic transmission and the sporty handling of a 6 speed manual transmission. You can find this new advanced transmission in the Bugatti Veyron (made by Ricardo) or Porsche PDK (made by ZF Getriebe GMBH) and BMW (made by Getrag GMBH) and last VW (made by Borg-Warner). If you're looking for more detailed information, please visit the transmission manufacturer website like ZF Getriebe GMBH, they have a very easy to understand nice video on their website too.

For example at the top of the page, on the banner is a Dual clutch transmission from ZF. That ZF transmission combines the comfort of an automatic transmission with the sporty handling of a manual transmission.


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