Elf Synthetic Motor Oil. Oil Born In Formula 1.

Ellf Motor Oils

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Elf Aquitaine was a French oil company which merged with TotalFina to form TotalFinaElf. The new company changed its name to Total in 2003. Elf has been maintained as a major brand of Total.

Our primary oil is QUARTZ INEO 504-507 TOTAL. It used to know as Elf synthetic Motor Oil before. Here in North America the same oil is produced by the company TOTAL and the oil name is QUARTZ INEO 504-507 TOTAL.

Elf has a long history in motor racing as a partner and sponsor. Elf has been, for example, the partner of Renault since at least 1966. Elf has also played a major role in support of Formula Renault, F3, F2 and obviously in Formula 1. The Elf Synthetic Motor Oil is Elf in Europe and the same oil is Total Quartz in North America.

Why this North American re-branding have happened?

Elf was acquired by oil company Total in 2000, and its forerunner, Elf Aquitane, was known for its Formula One sponsorship. Logic says the new identity aims to better express Elf's "technical skills". You can read more about this on WikipediA.

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