iPod to your BMW!

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MP3 via iPod to your BMW

An installed iPod car kit that doesn't force you to settle for poor audio quality. Works with  older model BMW too. This unique factory iPod adapters connect directly to your existing car stereo system to provide the absolute best iPod sound quality possible.

Full Quality Sound (Not over FM) Controls

iPod with Stereo and Steering Wheel Smart Charge Keeps iPod Battery FULL Clean and Simple Single Cable Design Compatible with iPod Nano + Video iPod!

Why is it the best? Because other iPod car adapters use either an FM transmitter or a cassette tape. Their advantage? No installation. So what's the downside? You get extremely poor audio quality with the FM approach. But with this adapter, you will get consistent full CD-quality sound.

You can use your car's stereo to control your music. The installation is clean and good looking, not messy. The display on your iPod is still operational.


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