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How do you find a great mechanic?

European import cars are great cars. We strongly believe these cars are the best that money can get. To fix these precise machines you need to find a great mechanic. So how do you find a great mechanic?


It's easier than you might think. You can try the phone book, internet and you can ask from other car owners. When you get some ideas visit the shop. Visit them and look around. First look at the facility, how clean and organized it is. Is the bathroom clean?! How about thee technicians, look around, do you like what they are trying to tell you? Look at the equipment, is it cared for?

And of course the person in charge, you have to like him since you will be going to have to do business with him. If he cares about all the above it's a good start. How good of a problem solver is he? Because this profession is all about problem solving and try to get your car back in working�order as fast as possible.

However the time factor should not be the most important issue, since good quality of work can't be rushed. Most of the fine European cars need special care and attention to detail, even in a simple brake job.

For example when you have your cars brake replaced you don't want just have the new pads and discs thrown on in 5 minutes and that's it, your car is done. The proper way of doing it: The mechanic should clean the caliper carriers from corrosion. Also he / she should make sure the caliper pins and housings beneath the rubber are clean from corrosion. If you want to have your pads and discs last for a long time, needless to say all moving parts must be lubed by a high temperature lubricant to keep them free of the discs except when you apply the brakes. In this profession first you have to listen, then test the car and perform diagnostic if it is necessary.

Next is to select the appropriate tools. Then repair the problem and test drive the car again. If it is ok your car is back in work and should work as new. That is why our slogan is: Quality repairs, for quality cars - Precisely!

Our motto: Listen first then diagnose. Measure then select appropriate tool and next repair. Test after repair, test-drive and the car is�ready to perform like new. Our equipment are state of the art and we know how to use them! Complete dealer level diagnostic computer system for the test and repair of your fine European import car. Check out our Autologic Diagnostic page for more details.


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