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Mercedes S-Class

The 2007 S-Class now available at Canadian dealership. Price starts at $118 000

The new car is larger in all three dimensions, gaining an inch in width, 1.7 in. in length and a full 3.0 in. in wheelbase.

New tech features include a radar-based, distance-monitoring cruise control system, active seat cushion inflation for better support in the event of a collision, and an infrared night vision system similar to the one Cadillac offered a few years back.

This ninth generation S-Class has a lot of character, but the front end remains unmistakably Mercedes Benz. The trunk is not oversized, due to the increase in cabin space.

This S-Class features lower drag, smoother underbody, Airmatic air suspension, which lowers itself at higher speeds.

The S-Class feature a 7-speed automatic transmission, with the S500 having a 382-horsepower V-8.  Another 7 Series feature: a small shift lever mounted on the right side of the steering column; push the stalk up for Reverse, pull it down for Drive and push the button on the end of it for Park.

In April the 510 horsepower V 12 bi turbo  S600 will arrive and the even quicker 6 liter S65 will be in Canada in late summer.

Mercedes S Class 2007

Telephone: 905-795-0419

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