Quartz Synthetic motor oils

The Quartz Ineo MC3 Synthetic Motor Oil meets the ACEA 2007 C3 specifications and specifications set out for certain Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Volkswagen vehicles. The Quartz Ineo MC3 is our primary Motor Oil! Read more at next...

BMW Approved TOTAL QUARTZ Lubricants


Very high performance lubricant using TOTAL synthetics technology, intended for Gasoline and Diesel car engines.


  • TOTAL QUARTZ 900 ENERGY 5W-40 has been developed for all Gasoline engines, (multivalve, turbocharged with or without catalytic converter) and all diesel engines - with or without turbo charging - in cars and light vans. which are non equipped with Diesel particular filter.
  • TOTAL QUARTZ 900 ENERGY 5W-40 is suitable for all journeys (in town, on highways and motorways) and particularly in severe conditions.
  • TOTAL QUARTZ 900 ENERGY 5W-40 fully adopted for all driving styles, particularly vigorous and high speeds in particular for vigorous driving.
  • TOTAL QUARTZ 900 ENERGY 5W-40 is specially designed to meet the needs of the motor manufactures regarding extended oil change intervals.


International specifications: ACEA: A3/B4; API SM/CF

Customer Benefits

Optimal performance. Excellent engine protection, particularly against timing system wear

Excellent engine cleanliness and protection. Ensures maximum engine cleanliness.

Lengthen engine life. Outstanding thermal stability, oxidation resistance eliminating any degradation even in very severe use.

Facilitates cold starts. Immediate lubrication of engine parts during cold starts, leading to longer engine life.

Extended oil change intervals. Meets the requirements of the manufacturers as regards extended oil change intervals.





SAE Grade 5W-40

Viscosity at 40 Celsius




Viscosity at 90 Celsius

ASTM 445



Viscosity Index

ASTM D2270



Pour Point




Flash Point





ASTM D2896



The typical characteristics mentioned represent mean values.


This lubricant used in accordance with TOTAL LUBRIFIANTS recommendations and for applications for which it is intended does not represent a special hazard. A safety data file to the requirements of current EC legislation is available for your request or you can view it on-line.

View the BMW's approval for TOTAL QUARTZ 900 ENERGY 5W-40 synthetic motor oil.

Frequently asked questions about Quartz INEO Synthetic Motor Oils;

Q: I thought Mercedes and VW required a Quartz Ineo OW40 or a 5W40?

A: The viscosity grade does not determine the suitability of the oil for a specific application, the manufacturer approval is the final word. The new additive chemistry used in INEO MC3 5W30 provides improved protection in cylinder wear, bore polishing, and cam wear tests, including a 20% improvement in the VW unit injector wear test.

Q: Will my customer get better fuel economy with 5W30?

A: European-specific oils are typically thicker than North American oils due to their use in gasoline and diesel engines. The new ACEA C3 standard, however, requires an increase of 1 % fuel economy under stop-and-go city driving conditions.

Q: How will this oil perform in domestic diesel?

A: Quartz INEO MC3 5W30 meets the most stringent Mercedes Benz, BMW and Volkswagen diesel engine standards including direct injection, common rail technology, diesel particulate filters and NOX catalysts. It will provide all the engine protection, soot acid and sludge control needed for domestic diesel engine.

Quartz INEO 5W30 meets the very latest BMW LL-04 standard. The BMW LL-04 standards require hundreds of hours of severe testing at the BMW factory in addition to the ACEA A3/B3 standard that appears on the BMW Genuine Oil sold in North America. BMW LL-04 is the standard for both gasoline and diesel engines for BMW in Europe.


Quartz INEO 5W30 meets both 502.00 gasoline and 505.01 diesel requirements by VW and Audi of America.

It is also approved for use in the Porsche Cayenne V6.

TOTAL Quartz Racing 10W50

  • For Racing

Recommended for BMW "M" Series Engines

TOTAL Quartz Energy 9000 5W40

  • 1 Approved for allPorsche vehicles as far back as 1973

  • Approved for BMW LL-01,VW502.00/ 505.00, Mercedes 229.5 (AMG)

TOTAL INEO 504.007 507.00 5W30

  • Approved for use in the VW Touareg V1O TDi and 2009 Jetta2.0LTDi.

  • Extended drain interval formula for up to 25,000 kms in Europe

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