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Elf Motor Oils

Elf Synthetic Motor oil born in Formula 1.

Formula 1 race car

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Liqui Moil Fuel Additive

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Autumn and winter are unpopular seasons for drivers: Uncomfortable cold weather, icy roads, poor visibility. 

Are you ready for winter? It is time to  check your winter tires. It can be done with a Canadian Toonie ($2 coin). If the coin's silver edge is covered only by the tire's thread, it's already fell below 4 mm. In this case you will need  new tires. Give us a call 905.795.0419, book an appointment and we'll check and / or replace your tires if required.

Wheels replacement  includes - visual check of the brakes.

If  needed we will gladly balance your winter tires and store your summer tires (small fee applies).

The requirements of windshield wipers

Bosch windshield wiper blade

Wetness and dirty windshields will impair the driver's view substantially. How can you drive safely if you can't see? Your car's windshield wiper must be fully functional under different and sometimes in extreme weather conditions.

The new original Bosch Icon all season windshield wiper blades will do a great job in any type of extreme weather. It has an integral spoiler build into to enhance performance at high speed, ice doesn't stick to it. It comes with universal attachments made to fit most cars, and single non metal frame is exposed.

BMW specialist Mississauga: Prepare your BMW automobile for winter, at next>>>

What you need to know to improve fuel efficiency in winter time>>>

What you get from Bosch Aero Twin or Bosch Icon all season wiper blades:

  • Outstanding wiping quality
  • Safe driving in all weather conditions
  • Higher life span
  • Less wind noise

Bosch wiper blades

We also recommend RAINX windshield washer fluid.

It's less expensive to get a set of premium wiper blades then repair your car after a crash.

Season of the Light and  Safety Check

  • Headlight aim special from $19.99. ( with Bosch Headlight Aimer). Check out the details.
  • Pre winter safety inspection for $29.99.  Includes, brakes, wiper blades, tires (please note at least 4 mm thread should left on your tires). Inspection of all safety items.

Save on gas during winter, by driving on a right set of winter tires. The Winter Tire Technology, that Ahead of Its Time>>>

BMW specialist Mississauga: Prepare your BMW automobile for winter, at next>>>

Telephone: 905-795-0419

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