Winter Tires

Do you really need winter tires? Wont all season radial tires work at winter time? Are you ready for winter? It is time to check your winter tires. It can be done with a Canadian Toonie ($2 coin). If the coin's silver edge is covered only by the tire's thread, if the tire fallen or worn down below 4 mm, then you should contact us.

We hope you had a great summer, enjoyed the warm weather and your favourite outdoor past time. However as always as this year too, the season is changing. We hope at the end of fall you will be ready for winter weather. We thought it's time for some pre winter driving tips so you can get thru those nasty winter storms and blizzards.

Getting good mechanical grip and traction is very important in any driving condition. It is even more important when the roads are iced and ice covered with snow. Sometimes it is not easy to make emergency turns or stops and it is even harder on winter roads.