MOMO Alloy Wheels  Originated from Italy

momo rim

We carry a wide selection of MOMO performance car parts, including MOMO road wheels.  MOMO ALLOY WHEELS are available in several size, color and finish.  They will fit on almost every European Import car.

The Italian firm MOMO well know in motor sport. MOMO has been designing and manufacturing high performance wheels and car parts in two decades. Quality begins with MOMO! No matter what kind of car you drive, you can trust MOMO. Whit MOMO Alloy Wheels, you can ride with pride and confidence!

All of our tires are available installed.  Or for the do it yourselfer, you can pick them up or have them delivered to your door by UPS. The buyer pays the actual shipping cost. Also, all of our tires are available in complete (rim + tire) balanced sets for your convenience.

Some of our MOMO wheels. NOTE! Price are subject to change at anytime, whiteout any further notice. Call us for details or for estimate.

BMW replica wheels

MOMO wheel
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Replica wheel for BMW

New from MOMO
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MOMO Alloy Wheel
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New from MOMO
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To check all of our MOMO alloy wheels out Contact us.

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Yokohama Tires

Ad a pair of high performance Yokohama tires to your MOMO wheels. They really go together.

Review of Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 Tire


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