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The Marangoni name is relatively new to Canada.  It is the name of a Italian company, who is a major world-wide tire supplier - manufacturer. Marangoni manufactures not just only passenger car tires, Marangoni produce heavy equipment tires too.

The essence of driving Marangoni's tire represents all the essential characteristics of a modern tire and is the result of a long process of product development and improvement. The sizes in Marangoni's tire line cover more than 65% of the North American European Import Car's market for replacement summer and winter tires for passenger and sport cars.

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With performance and safety technology Marangoni has created and advanced platform for the development of tires, for tires featuring a high load co efficient , which ensures the transfer of high power to the road or race track, during acceleration, while guaranteeing maximum power in any driving - road condition.

The Essence of Driving

Any Marangoni Tire represents the synthesis of a tire's essential characteristics, the exaltation of performance that is decisive in a product intended to cover the principal segments of the market.

These characteristics are:

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