How can you save on fuel? By reducing your gas consumption

How do you beat the gas prices?

Can a fuel-efficient car really be made even more fuel efficient? This sounds like the ultimate question when gas prices are at an all time high and everyone is concerned about what it costs to fuel up your car.

There are many small things you can do to get better gas mileage, regular maintenance is probably the most important of all.

Have you vehicle checked? Tires inflated to slightly higher pressure (never excide the maximum inflation pressure that is posted on the tires sidewall.

Using lower octane would be a bad idea to cut costs since your engine management is aware of the octane and the quality of the fuel you filled up with. No there is no magic sensor in your car fuel tank but the engine management system is programmed to test the quality of the available fuel by increasing ignition timing until pings and records it as a reference mark after every start of the engine.  It all happens behind the scenes you will not know it when.

You will need to have your favorite garage check if your brakes are dragging or not which will prolong the life of the brakes and will greatly reduce your fuel consumption.

Naturally there is the heavy foot issue and stop and go traffic which will burn a lot more fuel then needed.

Then there are some tricks of the trade where experience and innovation will take over and YES we can save you an extra five percent by carefully selecting certain components.

There is no magic to it and sorry but we can't tell you about the procedure since it depends on your car. Also it would be very easy to copy by the competition.

Most of the time basic maintenance clean filters (don't forget to clean the air box from the debris) good spark plugs and the like will do the tricks if you looking for more then please see us in person.

I provide you with a lifetime of experience (since 1976 ) working on& these cars which in turn gives you the edge.  Looking forward to see you soon. Call us

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Are you and your car ready for winter?

Motorists are more likely to face car trouble in winter than any other time of year".

The CAA reports that of the 21 million emergency road service calls they receive, most are in the late fall and winter. Of those calls, 40 percent involve vehicles that wouldn't start, and 34 percent are for major mechanical failures requiring towing.

Our complete analysis assures that your car is running at maximum efficiency, and provides insight to potential problems.

At winter time every car owner should pay special attention to oils and oil changes,  anti freeze, battery hoses and belts, wiper blades, tires and wheels, filters, etc.

You should make sure your car is 100% healthy. Bring your car in for a winter check!


Winter Tires

Please consider it, winter tires are made, engineered to stay soft to the touch in the cold and has deeper profiles for the snow and slush. The regular tires get softer in the heat. When the tire is warmer it will give you more grip, more traction. If the temperature goes down to minus, your summer tire can't heat up, your car will have less grip. The all season tires are between the two. They  will work better than the high speed summer radials and they definitely will give some traction in winter road conditions, but  not enough to be safe in our winter. Those tires weren't designed for our Canadian winter. May we say your life and your families life is worth more than a set of tires, don't you think so? More>>>

Save on gas during winter, by driving on a right set of winter tires. The Winter Tire Technology, that Ahead of Its Time>>>