Complete European Import Cars Seasonal Vehicle Checks


We use the latest test equipment and tools, to examine your vehicle from head to toe - thoroughly, quickly and reliably. Autumn, winter, spring and summer are calling your car in a special way. Our complete seasonal vehicle checks make ready for your BMW or Mercedes for these challenges.

Pre Summer Check Up

 Are you ready for summer? Is your ride (car) ready for hot summer driving? We would like to help you solve the above questions with an easy to answer summer car care quiz. In fact all the quiz questions contain the recommended service and maintenance interval's so you can check your repair and maintenance history. We will do our best to keep your car in great shape and your summer driving fun and worry free. The service interval's are generic to most manufacturers of European automobiles. If in doubt please consult your owners manual for model specific time frames and or recommendations.

Here is Techmax Auto Repair's Summer Car Care Quiz

I always have my car checked after the harsh winter driving season.
Yes; Don't know; No.

I replaced my coolant, flushed the cooling system less than three years ago.
Yes; Don't know; No.

I had my belts checked or replaced a year ago, tensioners three years ago.
Yes; Don't know; No.

I always have my radiator A/C condenser fins cleaned (from grime and salt) after the winter.
Yes; Don't know; No.

I had my air conditioning performance tested with a pressure gauge less then three years ago.
Yes; Don't know; No.

I had my brake fluid replaced less then two years ago.
Yes; Don't know; No.

I have my brakes cleaned and serviced from winter salt, rust and grime yearly.
Yes; Don't know; No.

I had my battery replaced last year or performance tested (with patented conductivity tester) less than three years ago.
Yes; Never did, Why bother?

I have my tire pressures checked monthly and tires inspected at every service or oil change.
Yes; Don't know; No.

I had my tune-up done less than two years ago. We mean tune-up like air filter fuel filter and cabin filter replaced and if equipped with standard spark plugs. Most newer cars come with long life platinum or iridium spark plugs. Since 1999 and up they're rated beyond one hundred thousand kilometres.
Yes; Don't know; No.

I had my wiper blades replaced less then a year ago ( Mercedes -Benz single wiper blade less than six month ago).
Yes; No; Maybe.

Do I really need all this to drive safely reliably in the summer?

Well if you had the above items repaired or maintained within the given time periods you are OK to go pretty much anywhere, you dare to go in all summer safe and sound.

But if you said NO to any titles at above, then you need to do some maintenance related corrective action.

 If you have any question, regarding to our recommended services and their related interval's, we will be glad to answer them. 

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