Windshield Replacement for your German Import Car

German import cars windshield replacement

We at Techmax like to and prepared to help you with all your automotive needs, short of one stop shop for your fine automobile. This is why we also do windshield replacement with the same high quality workmanship attention to detail service as all our other service.

We use PPG quality windshields on reasonable price. Give us a call to 905.795.0419 and ask our price. We offer a great deal, parts and labour included in the price, which is depends on you car's model and year. 

Did you know PPG is one of the largest windshield manufacturer and original supplier for Mercedes - Benz and many other luxury car manufacturers?

There is more to windshield replacement then just cut out the glass and glue in the replacement windshield. After the windshield has been removed carefully (not to damage the trim and paint around it) it has to be cleaned up. In any case the paint has to be touched up and primed. Also it has to be installed at the proper height to prevent wind noise. If it is too high or too low will be noisy at highway speed.

We met with many of this fine cars after windshield replacement the channel which suppose to hold the window in place rusted away from improper installation or cracked from the rust pushing up on it or worst water leaks into the crucial electronic components.

In today's modern cars the windshield is a structural member of the vehicle and special care needs to be taken when time comes to replacement . There are many mass merchants and others who may rush this important procedure cutting corners not thinking ahead,  so think twice before you drop your keys to a stranger.

Add a pair of quality BOSCH windshield wiper blades to your new windshield!

Did you know BOSCH invited the Icon Style high tech wiper blades for all the latest European automobiles? It is  called the Aero Twin blades. You can find them on the new cars from BMW to Mercedes-Benz.

The requirements of windshield wipers

Bosch windshield wiper blade

Wetness and dirty windshields will impair the driver's view substantially. How can you drive safely if you can't see? Your car's windshield wiper must be fully functional under different and sometimes in extreme weather conditions.

The new original Bosch Icon all season windshield wiper blades will do a great job in any type of extreme weather. It has an integral spoiler build into to enhance performance at high speed, ice doesn't stick to it. It comes with universal attachments made to fit most cars, and single non metal frame is exposed.

What you get from Bosch Aero Twin or Bosch Icon all season wiper blades:

  • Outstanding wiping quality
  • Safe driving in all weather conditions
  • Higher life span
  • Less wind noise

We also recommend RAINX windshield washer fluid.